Let Governor Roy Cooper Know You Need Him to Protect MCAS Cherry Point!

The NC General Assembly has passed a bill that stops new industrial wind turbine developments for the next 18 months. Governor Cooper is seriously considering a VETO of this bill, in part because of the limit on new wind turbines. ACT urges the Governor to sign the bill, called House Bill 589, and to support the temporary moratorium on wind turbine development permits. We need to make sure wind turbine development occurs in places that do not negatively impact MCAS Cherry Point’s sustainability.  Wind turbines must not be built in areas that interfere with military training ranges or flight paths.  The moratorium in House Bill 589 is an effective way to pause development until the permitting process can be improved and acceptable locations for wind turbine developments can be determined. North Carolina’s six major military installations are the cornerstone of a $66 billion industry, second only to agriculture in North Carolina.  The reason we have retained our major active duty installations, and the 578,000 associated jobs, is because our military can train in North Carolina.   If they can’t continue to train in North Carolina, those units will be transferred to another state that better protects their training ranges and aviation training routes.   House Bill 589 helps us plan for the future.  Please urge Governor Cooper to sing it into law!

Take Action:  You can tell Governor Cooper how you feel in two ways.

1. Call (919) 814-2050.  You will get a recording.  Press 2 and leave a message stating your name, physical home address, and that you are asking him to sign House Bill 589.  You can call this number anytime day or night.​  Be sure to leave your name and home address!

2. Go to and fill in the online form.  Your position does matter and this form will get it to the Governor!


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