Selected ACT Goals for 2020-2021

Selected ACT Goals for 2020-2021

June 19, 2020


Cherry Point’s missions and assets are vital to our nation’s military capability and critical to our local economy.  Any loss of these missions or assets could negatively affect the quality of life for our citizens and communities.  ACT works tirelessly to sustain and grow Cherry Point’s missions on a daily basis, not just in times of threat.

Thanks to the strong support of active stakeholders, ACT is able to work to ensure that Cherry Point is put in the best possible light with decision makers in Raleigh and Washington, DC by coordinating a strong government relations program. Through public education and outreach, ACT also strives to make clear to the citizens of our region the role Cherry Point plays in our national defense and its importance to our economy.

Selected goals for ACT in 2020-2021:

  • ACT will work with the Cherry Point Congressional delegation to continue the strong investment in military construction funding at the air station.  Cherry Point was authorized and appropriated $240 million for a new aircraft maintenance hangar for the first squadrons of F-35s, along with a new Air Traffic Control Tower, and an F-35 Training and Simulator Facility.  Authorized but not funded is a construction project to improve safety and access at the Slocum Gate entrance to the air station.  Securing this funding will be ACT’s immediate priority in the coming year.
  • ACT will complete a state-funded project to create Military Influence Overlay Districts in the Cherry Point region.  This project will identify vital training areas that might be impacted by encroachment and encourage informed land use ordinances that will benefit both the air station and local governments.
  • ACT will continue to work with the NC General Assembly to legislate a fair and equitable policy for siting wind energy facilities, safeguarding the ability of our Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen to safely and effectively train in North Carolina.
  • ACT will continue to advocate that Fleet Readiness Center East receive funding to construct a new maintenance hangar for the F-35.  This funding will ensure that FRC East will be the preferred site for maintenance and repair work on the Joint Strike Fighter, not only for the Marine Corps but for the Navy and Air Force as well.

Moving forward, ACT will continue to utilize our marketing and public outreach plan to educate policy makers, Cherry Point employees, news media and the general public about the importance of Cherry Point to our national defense and regional economy.  Additionally, we will continue to facilitate the coordinated response of local government planning efforts in support of Cherry Point and its missions.  We will maintain our mission of advocating for the existence and success of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Fleet Readiness Center East and its civilian enterprises.