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The national grid is unprepared to accept unpredictable renewable energy

December 02, 2013


WASHINGTON — In a sprawling complex of laboratories and futuristic gadgets in Golden, Colo., a supercomputer named Peregrine does a quadrillion calculations per second to help scientists figure out how to keep the lights on.


Peregrine was turned on this year by the U.S. Energy Department. It has the world’s largest “petascale” computing capability. It is the size of a Mack truck.

Its job is to figure out how to cope with a risk from something the public generally thinks of as benign — renewable energy. >>READ MORE



Base realignment a politically charged topic

December 01, 2013


BRAC can be a dirty word in many military communities.

Sure, Fort Bragg was one of the big winners during the last round of the BRAC – or base realignment and closure – process in 2005, but many communities saw units leave their bases or posts shut down as the Department of Defense reorganized its chess pieces. >>READ MORE


Public comment period open for those opposing Newport wind energy project

November 23, 2013


NEWPORT — There’s still time for anyone with concerns about Torch Renewable Energy LLC’s proposed wind-solar energy facility to file comments with the N.C. Utilities Commission.

Torch Renewable Energy, a Houston-based company, is seeking to build a wind and solar facility near this town. To that end, it has applied for a state certificate of public convenience and necessity.

The N.C. State Clearinghouse sent an email to the N.C. Utilities Commission Monday, saying that it expects its review of Torch Renewable Energy’s certificate application should be done by Dec. 9. The company filed Oct. 25 for the certificate, which is required by the state for an electric-generating facility to operate. >>READ MORE


Carteret News-Times Editorial urging public involvement on the Newport wind energy project

November 23, 2013


The proposed Newport/Carteret County wind project named Mill Pond that Torch Renewable Energy LLC in Houston, Texas, plans n the Newport-Mill Creek area is a highly technical matter that has generated a lot of questions.

The entire issue has also been complicated by misunderstandings and misinformation. >>READ MORE



November 21, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) and a bipartisan coalition of 52 representatives called for an end to the wind production tax credit (PTC) in 2013.  In a letter to Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, Congressman Jones and his colleagues explained that the PTC “is now more valuable than the price of the electricity the plants actually generate” and costs the American taxpayers roughly 6 billion dollars per year.  Furthermore, there are significant concerns with wind energy’s effects on military operations and aviation – particularly troubling given the location of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point – as well as concerns over potential health problems for individuals living in the vicinity of a wind turbine.  The wind tax credit is currently scheduled to expire at the end of 2013, and Congressman Jones and his colleagues are advocating against extending it.  >>READ MORE