Rep. Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy Elected to 3rd Congressional District to Represent Marine Bases in NC

September 11, 2019

Greg Murphy wins NC 3 special election

In a special election held on Tuesday, September, 9th, 3rd congressional district voters selected Greg Murphy as successor to Walter B. Jones, Jr.  Representative-elect Murphy has not yet been assigned to any House committees but should be seated sometime later this year.  Rep. Jones was North Carolina’s only member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and Murphy has expressed interest in serving on the committee as well.  ACT representatives have had to opportunity to meet with Murphy to brief him on military issues and the importance of MCAS Cherry Point to our community, and we look forward to forging a working relationship with him.

Here is Representative-elect Murphy’s military platform in his own words:

SUPPORTING OUR MILITARY: “Promises made should be promises kept.  That standard goes for our active duty military who stand in harms way to protect our freedoms, as well as for our veterans who have honorably served our nation.  Our area contributes as much as any in the nation to our armed forces, and we must make sure our services, for active duty, veterans and their families, are second to none.”

NATIONAL DEFENSE: “The United States is the world’s great superpower and maintaining a strong national defense is a Constitutional mandate that must be upheld.  We must follow the counsel of our military leaders and make sure they have the tools they need to protect our freedoms around the world.”

Representative-elect Murphy will serve the remainder of the current session of Congress which ends in December 2020 and will need to run for re-election in November, 2020.