House Bill 763

Legislators vow regulations on windmills near military bases

December 22, 2016


Three local legislators have expressed a commitment to thwart industrial wind developments that would threaten training missions at Cherry Point.

Meeting with the base advocate group Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow on Dec. 8, N.C. Sen. Norman Sanderson, R-Pamlico, Rep. Pat McElraft, R-Carteret and John R. Bell IV, R-Wayne expressed support for legislation that would tighten restrictions on commercial wind projects in eastern North Carolina.

“The problem is you’ve got counties with revenue coming in from the wind farms and they don’t have the love for the military like we do down here,” said McElraft. “So that’s a huge issue. So we’ve got to do something legislatively to protect the whole state and not necessarily county by county.” >>READ MORE


Bill targets wind turbines

July 03, 2016

Wind turbine rotor hub

HAVELOCK | Cherry Point stands to benefit from new legislation that could regulate the placement of wind turbines in military training areas.

House Bill 763, the Military Operations Protection Act of 2016, which would affect where wind turbines and other tall structures are located around military bases, passed the N.C. Senate last week and is now in committee in the N.C. House.

The bill would modify the permitting process for construction of tall buildings and structures and give a new entity, the N.C. Sentinel Land Committee, oversight and responsibility for consideration and review of plans to erect such structures near military facilities like Cherry Point.

Jamie Norment, who represents the Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow lobby group, said the law would prevent wind turbines from encroaching on the base or military training areas.