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Navy Declares Initial Operational Capability for F-35C Joint Strike Fighter

March 22, 2019

Navy Declares Initial Operational Capability for F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, good news for FRC East

On February 28, 2019, the Navy declared that its F-35C Joint Strike Fighter was operationally ready to deploy and conduct missions around the world.  “The F-35C is ready for operations, ready for combat and ready to win,” Commander of Naval Air Forces Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller said in a statement today.  “We are adding an incredible weapon system into the arsenal of our Carrier Strike Groups that significantly enhances the capability of the joint force.”  >>>Read More



January 14, 2019

Hurricane Florence approaches the coast of NC MCAS Cherry Point still recovering
From working in comprised facilities and temporary trailers to repairing damaged homes, the Marine Corps community continues to face daily challenges following Hurricane Florence. Although the storm made landfall on September 14, 2018, Marines at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River, and MCAS Cherry Point are still recovering. <<<READ MORE
(By Maj. Simba Chigwida, Marine Corps Installations Command, MCICOM)

The Surprising Way the Navy Wants to Repair H-53E Rotors

October 29, 2018


Fleet Readiness Center East is celebrating an achievement, and likely first, in using 3D printing and polymers as a supply solution to repair components for the H-53E.

Research and Engineering Group engineers used a polymer additive manufacturing process — fused deposition modeling — to produce replacement blade inspection method vents (BIM vents) for the aircraft’s main rotor blades. >>READ MORE





FRC East to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

October 16, 2018


HAVELOCK, NC (WITN) The largest industrial employer east of I-95 is preparing to celebrate 75 years of successful support for our nation’s military.  The Fleet Readiness Center East opened in 1943 at the Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point. >>READ MORE


Marine Corps F-35 flies first combat mission in Afghanistan

September 29, 2018


The U.S. Marine Corps F-35B joint strike fighter has successfully conducted its first combat mission over Afghanistan, U.S. officials confirmed to Military Times.  The strikes, carried out by F-35Bs assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, occurred Thursday morning against a fixed target “in support of ground clearance operations,” and were deemed a success by the ground force commander, according to a statement put out by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command on Thursday afternoon. >>Read more

F-35 conducts first combat air strike.  ACT.

F-35B from USS Essex conducts its first combat air strike. (Credit:Lance Cpl. A. J. Van Fredenberg,13th Marine Expeditionary Unit)