EA-6B Prowler Squadron

End of an Era: Last Prowler Squadron is Retired

March 13, 2019

last Prowler Squadron Retires MCAS Chery Point ACT

HAVELOCK — A March 8 ceremony held at the Cherry Point Marine Base in Havelock marked the retirement of the last Squadron of EA-6B Prowlers, the Death Jesters.

The Death Jesters, who have been in service for 44 years, flew their final combat mission on Feb. 28 and had been deployed last year in support of military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.>>READ MORE



The sun’s setting on Corps’ last EA-6B Prowler squadron with end of final deployment

November 05, 2018

ACT, Marines deployed with Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 on the ramp at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Aug. 16. Marines with VMAQ-2 are taking part in the final EA-6B Prowler deployment before the final six aircraft in the U.S. military inventory are retired. (Spc. Jose Diaz/Army)

The EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare platform has been jamming enemy communications and conducting electronic attacks since the Vietnam War.

But, its sun is now setting.

The Corps is down to one final Prowler squadron, Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2, or VMAQ-2, which is slated to return home in early November from its final deployment, according to Christopher Harrison, a Marine spokesman. >>READ MORE