Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs grant will help Cherry Point region establish Military Influence Overlay Districts; assist in avoiding encroachment

August 01, 2016


Havelock, NC – The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) has awarded a $60,000 grant to Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow (ACT) to assist planners and policy makers with the establishment and adoption of Military Influence Overlay Districts with local governments. These districts, abbreviated MIODs, will help counties and towns in the Cherry Point region identify land uses or development activities that could encroach on the air station or its outlying landing fields or bombing ranges.

“Any encroachment on the air station or its outlying fields or ranges impedes the ability of our Marine Corps aviators to train,” says ACT president Will Lewis. “That’s why this grant from the DMVA is so important to sustaining and growing the Cherry Point mission.”

Funds from the grant will allow regional planners to work with consultants to create a process by which Cherry Point is notified when any activities are proposed within five miles of the station or training ranges. Activities could include proposed changes to zoning maps, potential subdivision plats or proposed siting of tall structures like telecommunications towers or wind energy turbines.

Carteret County Planning Director Gene Foxworth says MIODs will enhance communication between the base and its neighboring communities. “This grant will enable our communities to make smart planning decisions that will benefit our citizens and the base. It’s a win-win situation,” Foxworth says. The DMVA grant supports one of the implementation goals of the recently completed Cherry Point Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which was led by Carteret County and funded by a planning grant from the federal Office of Economic Adjustment.

The state grant program is a new initiative of the Military and Veterans Affairs Department to support projects in military host communities around North Carolina that will help the state protect and grow its military missions and assets. DMVA Secretary Cornell Wilson applauds ACT and the Cherry Point region for its work. “Our grant to ACT not only builds on the work done in the Cherry Point JLUS, it also supports the state’s goal to preserve North Carolina’s military training areas. These are national defense assets, serving not only the Marine Corps but the Navy and Air Force as well,” says Secretary Wilson.

The MIOD work is expected to be completed within a year of hiring a consulting firm. ACT and Carteret County, which will administer the grant funds, will provide the Department and the NC Military Affairs Commission with regular progress reports. ACT hopes this MIOD process can become a model for other military installations and their host communities across the state. For more information about the ACT grant or about the DMVA grant program you can access or .

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