ACT GroupAllies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow, or ACT, was originally formed in the 1990s by a group of concerned civic and business leaders to advocate for Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Fleet Readiness Center (FRC-E) East. The rallying cause was around the earlier Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.

The original group called itself “Allies In Defense of Cherry Point” and was successful in keeping FRC-E, at that time NAVAIR, off of the closure list during prior rounds.

The name changed in 2003 to Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow because this group of leaders from Craven, Carteret, Pamlico and Jones Counties believes that the future BRAC commissions need to recognize that these two facilities are absolutely critical to the US Military success. Accordingly, their missions should be maintained or enhanced as time progresses.


Our Mission

Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow (ACT) advocates for the existence and success of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Fleet Readiness Center East and its civilian enterprises.


Government Affairs: Working with federal, state and local policy makers to develop a positive and consistent response to the federal military and budgetary challenges. This includes an evaluation of current strengths and vulnerabilities of MCAS Cherry Point and FRC-East. Specifically, we encourage the passage of laws and rules to prevent encroachment on the installation of training ranges, work to secure new missions and military investments for Cherry Point resulting from military realignment, and support the civilian workforce at FRC-East from privatization or downsizing efforts.

Marketing and Public Relations: Develop a comprehensive marketing and public outreach plan that will educate policy makers, Cherry Point employees, news media and the general public about the importance of Cherry Point to our national defense and regional economy; create a network of motivated citizens who will join ACT’s advocacy efforts on behalf of Cherry Point.

Regional Planning: Facilitate the coordinated response of local government planning efforts in support of Cherry Point and its missions, including evaluation of current strengths and weaknesses of Cherry Point and its neighboring communities; work together on responses to encroachment of the installation of training ranges; collaborate on land use planning, compatible land use initiatives and military-community partnerships.

Financial Management: Create and maintain a financial system that is accountable, transparent and demonstrates effective and prudent use of resources that support ACT’s work.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Will Lewis, President
David Heath, Vice President
Christine Mele, Treasurer
Sonny Roberts, Secretary
Owen Andrews
April Aycock

Denny Bucher
Bob Cavanaugh

Millie Chalk
(Wm.) Fred Fulcher
Tyler Harris
E.T. Mitchell
Amanda Ohlensehlen

Danny Walsh
David Williams

Non-Voting Members:

Colonel Frank Bottorff
James Davis

Lonnie Pridgen
Jack Veit
Marc Finlayson, Managing Consultant